Porter Services

A Day Porter, also known as a Day Matron or simply a Porter, is a person that is stationed in a commercial building such as an office building, hospitals, schools, or any other type of commercial buildings to assist in daily facility duties which are mostly cleaning, and janitorial services related. These duties can include, but are not limited to cleaning public areas, touching up restrooms, restocking consumable paper/soap supplies, policing entrance ways, changing light bulbs, picking up in smoking areas, checking cafeterias/coffee stations, cleaning up spills, completing specialty detail cleaning, deep cleaning, and performing other duties as assigned by the Facilities Manager.

The Day Porter performs a wide range of duties that is dictated by the facility they service. The Day Porter works in conjunction with the Night Cleaning Team to help provide cross shift continuity, an integral part of a fully managed facility service solution. Day porters are often the unseen heroes of a facility. These valued team members clean, but they also help support the image of your facility and ensure that customers, employees and tenants are satisfied. Your day porter can provide an invaluable service, they keep the facility clean and in good condition by helping the facility managers to tick off items that can quickly overwhelm the ‘to do’ list.

A Day Porter or Porter functions as daytime cleaning and janitorial service with provider. Your Day Porter is responsible for vital services that keep your building running smoothly, like:
  1. Lobby maintenance
  2. Cleaning and maintenance of common areas like bathrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, and patios.
  3. Cleaning and polishing the entrances area so they are always looking their best
  4. Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  5. Removing trash and debris
  6. Restroom Restocking
  7. Conference room cleaning and Meeting setup/tear down
  8. Kitchen Cleaning
  9. Glass doors cleaning
Commercial cleaning
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